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Five reasons why you should try freelancing.

Many of our readers already have some experience in freelancing, and even more are interested in testing their abilities in this field. It is not surprising, as freelancing has a number of advantages that are so appealing to people and continues to motivate them to leave comfortable office desks and go freelance. So, why are people so attracted to taking up freelancing?


  • To Satisfy Your Creative Impulse

All individuals are talented and have a need for self-expression. Yes, absolutely everyone including taxi drivers, shepherds, clerks, governmental officials and policemen. Yet working normal desk jobs, it is rare that they could ever find a platform to showcase their talent. Someone in this situation finds salvation in drinking alcohol, however, some are able to express their creativeness in taking up a new hobby.

Going freelance is a great opportunity to share your talents and ideas with other people and put your unique skills to good use. If someone likes your ideas, they might even want to pay you for your time. Although, having an opportunity to express your talents and explore your creative impulses is worth more than any money.  


  • To Obtain Added Income

Often freelancers are working longer hours than their office colleagues, however, it is being compensated by having higher incomes. There are many stories when people were going freelance, receiving not only independence but also a financial wellbeing. Although, let's be honest, there are enough sad stories. In any case, if something goes wrong, you can always go back to being a full-time employee. However, if your current job can be described as «I pretend to be working and my boss pretends to pay me money», then God himself told you to try freelancing. At least as an additional income; you can take advantage of a situation and earn yourself some extra pocket money in the process. It definitely won't get any worse.


  • To Open Up New Career Options

The world is changing right in front of your eyes and those professions that were popular and in great demand yesterday, are no longer needed. Or maybe once upon a time, twenty years ago, you made a wrong choice and now you have to pay for it, working in a field that is not interesting to you. Now with freelancing you get a chance to fix it.

Thanks to freelancing you can catch on fast. And for those who are willing to learn new things, the sky's the limit. It all depends on your talents and hard work. Believe me, if your work can impress a client, then he is the last one to ask for a bachelor's degree or relevant work experience in your field.


  • To Work From Home

Work-from-home opportunity makes freelancing an increasingly attractive option for people to pursue and a crucial factor that makes everyone want to get deeper into freelancing as their occupation. In fact, working from home has both pros and cons. However, since this article is focused on the advantages of freelancing, let's talk only about the good stuff.

  • You save on all that time getting to and from work. This is particularly important to those who are currently stuck in traffic jams. 
  • Saves money. Transportation expenses, lunches and Friday «after-work get-togethers» with your colleagues.
  • You spare your nerves and improve health. No need to worry about being late to work, or a boss in a bad mood yelling at you for a report being delayed, and in addition you are no longer affected by productivity-draining corporate squabbles.
  • Flexible schedule. No comments needed here.

If you work from home, you will only need a stable Wi-Fi connection, a smartphone, an email account and possibly a printer. In fact this is not an impossible task to accomplish, although for some other professions this list may vary depending on the needs. 


  • Freedom of Movement & Picking Up Holidays At Will

Those who have ever worked in an office know how hard it is to get their days-off approved by a boss. Coordinating priorities, back-ups and what is even worse if your partner has to go through a similar process at the same time. 

It is different for freelancers as they can pack their bags and slip to their favourite destination with a family or friends any time they want. Or they may continue to work while physically being in Thailand, Montenegro or Istanbul. Sounds great, doesn't it?

So there you have it, the bright side of freelancing! If you think this does not give you the full picture of the situation, then you are welcomed to write your comments down below and share your personal experience.