Attention! Freelance workers can be targeted by hackers.


Examples when freelancers can be scammed:

Example №1

You are being contacted by a potential client who claims working for a company that needs a website, text translations etc. This person wants to do the work himself, however, the company allegedly refuses to pay additional fee to a full-time employee. Therefore, a client needs a freelancer who will agree to say that he did the work, then receive money from a company and transfer 90% of the amount back to a client. In other words, you are being offered good compensation for essentially only agreeing to receive a transaction. 

Be aware of the consequences and do not agree to participate in such schemes. Most likely you will be used as a dropper and the transfer that you would receive will not be a fee at all, but the money stolen from someone's bank account.


Example №2

You are offered to receive bank transfers and to send obtained funds to other people, leaving yourself a certain percentage. Client might say that you will work in some kind of a payment system or something like that.

Do not agree to participate in this scheme! You can be set up to transfer stolen money.


Example №3

You are offered to conduct a transaction through the freelance website on terms described in the example one. Which means you do not work on the project yourself, you only receive a bank transfer, leave a certain percentage to yourself and transfer the remaining amount to the person who made an order. After a while, the website administration deducts the fee that you have received from the client, because they have found out that the order was paid with the stolen money. And as a result you lose not only the money received from the client, but also the amount that you transferred to the hacker.

Such situations occur on foreign freelance websites.


Example №4

You are being offered to register a bank card on your name and share its details with another person (a client) for a certain fee. Do not agree to do this either!

Trying to make money quickly, you can not only get in trouble with the law, but also end up on the blacklist of the banks.