Biggest Fears of Being a Freelancer

When starting a freelancing job, many people underestimate themselves.

How to overcome your fears?



Yes, there are professionals better than you, but they have also started from the bottom. The myth that lack of experience will ruin your chances of becoming a freelancer is just a myth.


Where to find clients?

It is better to start with something simple, for example, use our services at in order to find new customers across popular freelance marketplaces. In the future it will get easier for you to recognize scammers and you will be able to find possible customers directly using social media.


What if I don’t get paid?

When using online freelance marketplaces, a question of being paid does not exist - payment is guaranteed. When cooperating with a client directly- it is better to ask for an upfront payment (at least 50%) and gradually provide completed work to a customer.


I won’t earn enough money.

In the beginning, a lot of people do not know how much their work actually costs. Therefore, it might be useful to talk to your competitors and ask for advice. And the most important thing is not to be afraid to assign a decent price for your work. It is better to go separate ways with those who cannot pay you.


I'm not in demand.

Many freelancers have an absurd fear of stagnation and they start to take orders on any terms possible. Yes, it is better to earn at least something than nothing, but what if while you work day and night on a cheap project you miss a good one? Learn to wait. 

Remember that you should love what you are doing. It should ignite the light inside you and then any difficulties on your way will seem insignificant.   


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