Can a small-town person become a good programmer?

Tech talent continues to be a hot commodity and a lot of people from different cities are extremely interested in working in this field. One of our subscribers has been wondering whether it is true that it is easier to become a programmer living in a large, developed city or not? Therefore, we would like to share his findings with you.

«Is it even realistic for a person living in a province to become a good tech freelancer, independently studying through online courses?»

Absolutely anyone can become a developer, especially a freelancer. Freelance is notable for its variety of tasks and ability to gain a quick set of experience - unlike, for example, working for a company as a junior programmer going through the same boring, similar tasks.

If a person knows absolutely nothing about the industry and wants to gain basic knowledge, then video courses can be a good place to start. But be aware that it can give you only theoretical knowledge and minimal practical skills. At a later stage of freelancing, use these videos as an additional source of knowledge and opportunity to learn about new technologies. In freelancing there is no substitute for real practice. A professional consists of 1% talent and 99% of work.