Don’t Be Afraid of Competition.

Do not be afraid of the competition in freelancing, where it is easy to feel like a little fish in a big pond when you are just starting out. Often it is quite difficult for a customer to find a competent contractor. However, if you follow these steps, you will be several steps ahead of your competitors. 

  1. Built up your portfolio. Even if there are only a few projects, that is no reason not to showcase your work. Also do not forget to ask clients to leave feedback on your work performance. Carefully arrange completed projects and reviews in a folder and share them in the cloud.
  2. Do not send copy-paste cover letters. If you customize your cover letter, then you can explain exactly which job you are applying for and why a contractor should choose you. And of course be polite, edit and proofread your letters carefully.
  3. Use filters in the most efficient way. Please find a guide to using filters here: 
  4. Request detailed job requirements and ask questions. If you start working on a gig without inquiring about work criterias and hand over a project on time, then a number of problems can arise. For example, a customer expected to see a different end result, however, you have misunderstood each other and now the deadline has already passed! Therefore, it is important to clarify conditions and assignment requirements before starting to work on a project and send intermediate options for approval.


This way you will definitely know that you are performing in accordance with customer expectations and will submit the required job on time. Additionally, you will receive a great review of your professional competencies.

If you and your client communicate via freelance websites, then ask to exchange numbers so you can contact him/her if you have any questions, or you can do it via Facebook for example. 


  1. Experienced freelancers know that it is difficult to estimate the price of their work during first negotiations, because it is not always possible to know the exact amount of hours that will be needed to complete a job or how difficult it will be. Name the approximate cost or rate for your services, and after a detailed study and getting answers to all your questions, the final price can be provided and approved.
  2. More about money. Divide the total amount into three parts. For example, ask for 20% upfront, 30% by completing half of the job and final 50% after completing a task. This will protect you from being scammed.
  3. Screenshot negotiations with a client. So that later it can be easily proven that the color of the banner was asked to be red, not pink. 
  4. And finally, politely ask customers for feedback, show gratitude and express your willingness to work together in the future. 


What is the most difficult part for you?