Freelancing: 5 Thing You Need to Know

  • You will work on your own. 

Freelancing means working as an independent contractor rather than being employed by someone else. At first it might seem challenging and awkward, as you are probably used to working in an open office space, however, you will get used to it quickly.


  • You need to take the responsibility for yourself.

Complete freedom of freelancing means that no one is accountable for you but yourself, and this makes you work even harder. As a self-disciplined person you will be able to spend your day productively, without tweeting or using social media all day long.


  • Master self-discipline. 

Usually when starting freelancing, you might be tempted to work all day long. Imbalanced work schedule, rest and sleep deprivation is a mistake that many freelancers make. In order to be successful, stick to the working time you are used to e.g. working hours from 9 AM to 5 PM.


  • Get ready for unexpected situations.

You can be the best freelancer out there, who completes projects on time and does a good job of billing and invoicing. But this does not guarantee that you will always receive timely and regular payments from your customers. Michelle Thread Gould says that it is important to know that over 30% of clients will not pay according to agreed terms. Don’t count on timely payments, unless you see a payment proof on your account statement.


  • Some clients won't pay you.

Freelancing includes many hours that are not being paid. Be aware that some clients may refuse to pay as soon as you complete a project. It is hard to tell who is reliable and who is not. 

Freelancing is not easy. Not everyone succeeds in making money this way, but it is a fantastic opportunity for strong-willed people who refuse to give up! You may lose money today, but don’t quit. You will find a better client tomorrow. So just keep believing, working hard and never back down.


  • Use all available tools to earn more.

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