How can I use the app for free?

You can pay a one month subscription fee with the internal currency - Alot Coin, which you can earn by performing simple actions. Our 30-day subscription costs 2625 Alot Coins. We charge coins for the following actions:

  • Daily visits - 10 coins,
  • Daily project swipes - 100 coins,
  • Watching a promotional video from sponsors - 200 coins,
  • Invite friends to - 300 coins per invite. 

Just like that you can save up the necessary amount of Alot Coins to pay a 7 or 30-day subscription fee. When choosing a payment method, indicate - Alot Coin. This will save you money!

If you are eager to work, but for some reason cannot afford a subscription fee - set yourself a goal of earning money during a free trial period of 7 days by responding to tasks and/or projects  and completing them.