How to get your first job on

Step 1. Set up filters. After you have downloaded and installed the application on your smartphone, the service itself will offer you to configure the filters to see projects that are right for you. Check the boxes next to those categories you are interested in and want to receive future project offers about. Then specify the websites from which you want to receive them. For newbies, we recommend disabling all paid websites, leaving only free ones. 

Finish setting up filters: define project lifecycle. More mature project phase means the “older” the project will be. We recommend starting with the most recent projects, with a posting period not older than one day.

Step 2. Select suitable projects from the proposed ones. Go to the «Projects» tab and start scrolling through offers, swiping the unsuitable ones to the left. For the projects you like - swipe to the right. This action will save projects in the «Favorites» tab. 

Step 3. Click «Open» on the card with the project you like to enter freelance website. When you have completed the selection of suitable projects, go to the «Favorites» tab. Click on the «Open» button to respond to the project you like. You will be taken to the partner website where the employer posted a vacancy or a project. Please note that in order to respond to selected projects on this website, you must be registered there as a user. 

Step 4. Apply for a project. Each website has its own conditions and terms of use, however, usually to inform the customer about your readiness to work, you need to click on the «Apply» or «Get to Work» button. Accompany your application with a personalized cover letter explaining why the customer should choose you: convey your experience and background, highlight your valuable skills and describe an overall plan how you will handle this particular project. In this way you will let the potential employer understand that you have thoughtfully treated the project and are interested in receiving an offer. Keep in touch with the customer not to overlook an affirmative answer. 


Our recommendations.

To get started, create profiles on at least 5 websites you like, choose the free ones.

In order for your profile to stand out and become a desirable candidate, strategically include your best skills, previous work experience, biggest accomplishments, and what you can bring to the company. 

With each successfully completed project, your rating on the website will grow, which will increase your chances of getting new desired projects.

Do not give up after rejection. Today's setback brings you one step closer to your goal!