Most Popular Freelance Jobs

For many of us the question of choosing a career path is one of the most important decisions of our lives. What are my talents and strengths? What career is right for me? What will make me happy at work and how can I earn enough money?


We are glad to present to you the best remote jobs and careers:


Journalism, Copywriting & Editing:

  • Content Manager;
  • CEO Copywriter;
  • Proofreader;
  • Copywriter;
  • Mailing List Manager;
  • News Writing;
  • General Writing;
  • Forum Admin & Forum Moderator;
  • Transcriber (transcript of audio records).


Graphic Design & Illustration:

  • Web-designer;
  • Флешер
  • Information Designer;
  • Technical Designer;
  • Illustrator:
  • Interface Designer;
  • Graphic Designer (corporate identity, logo etc.);
  • Print Designer (booklets, calendars etc.);
  • Landscape Designer;
  • Interior Designer;
  • Game Developer;
  • 3D Designer;
  • Visualizer.


Programming, maintenance of person computers, laptops and networks:

  • Web Tester;
  • Web Developer;
  • Webmaster;
  • Administrator (system administrator).



  • Website Translator;
  • Specialized translation of fiction writings;
  • Technical Translator;
  • Specialist in translation of advertisements, slogans etc.;
  • Translator of movies, presentations, computer games.



  • Project Manager;
  • Freelance Manager;
  • Editor.



  • Marketer;
  • Website Optimizer;
  • Digital Marketing Specialist (SMO & SEO);
  • Web Analyst,
  • Promotions Specialist;
  • Web Designer;
  • Link Manager.


Architects and Engineers:

  • Electrical Engineer;
  • Architect;
  • Mechanical Engineer;
  • Specialist (Engineer) of low-current networks;
  • Engineer Constructor;
  • Специалист (инженер) по схемам;
  • Heating Engineer;
  • Process Engineer;
  • Water and Sewage Engineer.


Unusual professions:

  • Internet Consultant (Internet coach);
  • Writer;
  • Blogger;
  • Moneymaker.


So here you go, highest paid and most popular freelance jobs on the world wide web. Choosing one of these jobs is not such a difficult task as you might have though at the beginning. However, if you have any doubts, you can always consult knowledgeable specialists who will certainly help you to choose a career that fits you best.