What is Alot COIN?

The most difficult thing for any person is to start a new activity. And the ability to earn money from remote work is far from easy.

You can go to university, take a design course, or, for example, learn it is correct to create ads, but this will not prepare you for the case “how to find work from home”. And to do it in such a way that both the time remains and the earnings increase.

So what is the difference between the skill of being a freelancer and working in the office?

A freelancer is a person with a lot of freedom of choice, who is almost not tied to one place and, often, looks for orders himself.

We want, so that you can learn how to earn money. And there is nothing easier than learning effortlessly! We have entered "Alot.Pro" like reward points for our users for a set of different features that we like freelancers, we do it. Thus, paving a simple path to the ability to earn money.

The app will try to motivate you to view more works., search for the best and highest-paying jobs by doing it every day. It builds up your experience and increases your motivation!

What can I do with "Alot Coin"?

With these coins, you can buy paid packages without spending real money.